Navy: departmental training in the Gulf of Taranto

(To Greater Defense)

An intense week of training activities at sea ended on Sunday 13 February under the guidance of the commander of the second naval division, Admiral Vincenzo Montanaro, in which the main operational assets of the naval team participated: naval units, submarines, aircraft and helicopters.

The activity, which took place in the waters of the Gulf of Taranto, saw the participation of Nave Cavour, Ship Garibaldi, Ship Doria, Ship St. George, Ship Saint Mark, Ship Marceglia, Ship Stromboli, Ship Foscari, Ship Alghero and the submarine Scirè.

Also the US Navy destroyer GravelyClass Arleigh Burke, participated in the training activities planned by the second division, allowing to confirm interoperability with the assets of the allied navies, as well as to refine the operating procedures in use.

The exercises, of various kinds, were carried out with the aim of maintaining a high operational readiness capacity of the forces.

The activity allowed to increase the training level of the Navy crews involved, the first protagonists of the activity, who had the opportunity to compare and consolidate their knowledge and professional skills.