By sea by land, forging the commanders of the future

(To Marina Militare)

From 29 January to 7 February, the students of the 1st class of the Naval Academy carried out the "Art of Command" module at the structures of Massafra (TA) of the "Caorle" schools battalion of the marine brigade Saint Mark.

One of the key objectives of the course is to overcome one's personal and professional limits. Leadership e team building are cornerstones of this training: participants learn to guide and motivate teammates in extreme situations, thus developing the skills necessary to establish effective command of military units.

The students, constantly pushed outside their own comfort zone, under the expert guidance of the brigade's instructors Saint Mark, carried out various training activities such as topography, including night-time, field navigation and land combat simulations. The module also saw them involved in planning and conducting simulated attack and defense exercises on military objectives, thanks to which they were able to hone their tactical and decision-making skills.

The participation of foreign students from Libya, Somalia, Tunisia and Ethiopia represented an added value for the course, allowing the Officers of tomorrow to operate in multi-ethnic and international contexts, scenarios that are increasingly common in military operations.

The module Command Art it represented a useful experience to face the challenges of the present and future. Through the professional skills of the brigade's instructors Saint Mark 1st class students conclude this module knowing that they can overcome the most challenging obstacles they will encounter during their career serving the country.