Peripheral remote maintenance on board of Nave Bergamini

(To Marina Militare)

In recent days the frigate Carlo Bergamini made a stop at anchor near the port of Muscat, Oman. The short stop was necessary to carry out a maintenance operation on the diesel treatment plant, using the innovative peripheral remote assistance technique. This experimental technology has allowed video to connect the ship's personnel Bergamini with the experts of the manufacturing company, connected from a position at the La Spezia Naval Station Command.

The on-board operator is directly connected thanks to the use of a helmet equipped with a video camera and a computer, which talks with the position on the ground, using a dedicated software. This system allows to bridge the distances between the ship carrying out operational activities at sea and the technicians of the industry, providing on-board personnel with effective support during maintenance, reducing the time required for maintenance itself and therefore increasing attendance times and surveillance at sea.

At the end of the intervention, Nave Bergamini has resumed its operational activity.