The last VFP1 course swears allegiance to the Italian Republic

(To Marina Militare)

On February 23, in the Piazza d'Armi of the Officers' School of Taranto 87 volunteers on a fixed annual basis (VFP1), of which 65 belong to the Maritime Military Crews and 22 belonging to the body of the Port Authorities, have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic.

The Oath was the final act of a short but dense course of educational and training activities. In fact, during the course the attendees followed the educational programs, the ethical-military activities, passing through the training on the subject of "safety in the workplace", the swimming and rowing activities, the formal training

Admiral Milazzo, commander of the Officers' School, wishing fair winds to the new sailors, expressed his appreciation: "…I am proud of you and of the commitment you have shown to reach this fundamental milestone today. Not a finish line but a starting point for achieving ever more important and rewarding objectives."

At the end of the course, the harbor masters will be transferred to the offices of the Port Authorities, while the rest of the volunteers will begin a short period of specialized training aimed at obtaining the qualification to Installation Defense Service (SDI) which will provide them with specific skills in this sector. At the end of the SDI module they will embark on the units of the naval squadron.

On 23 February 2023, in addition to having represented a solemn moment for visitors, it effectively sanctioned the end of the twenty-year training cycle for volunteers on a pre-established basis introduced after the abolition of compulsory military service. In fact, following the revision of the model of volunteers in the Armed Forces, the next incorporations will last three years with the Volunteers in Initial Stop (VFI). The innovation introduced will allow the development of a more intense and specialized training program aimed at the assigned category/qualification.