"I SWEAR" for 127 young sailors

(To Marina Militare)

Last Thursday 27 October, in the presence of the Institute Flag and the commander of the NCO School of the Navy, Rear Admiral Francesco Milazzo, in a Piazza d'Armi crowded with relatives and friends, the ceremony of the oath of loyalty to the Republic took place Italian for 127 young sailors, who have reached the end of the basic training course for Volunteers in Fixed Station of one year.

In the traditional "Lo Giuro!" shouted to the sky and in the unison singing of the Mameli Hymn, the sailors made their solemn commitment and the will to serve the country resound by living the values ​​and ideals they found in the daily example of their instructors.

"I am proud of the path I have undertaken and proud to have shared with my fellow students the sacrifices and effort necessary to achieve our goals together, as demonstrated by the ceremony of our Oath" said the com. 2nd cl. Debora Moliterno.

Admiral Milazzo in a passage of his speech, addressing the jurands, focused on the importance of daily respect for values, ideals, the sense of responsibility that have always characterized the Sailor "Always remember that each of us who wear this uniform carries on his shoulders a great responsibility in honoring every day, in every moment, that baggage of values ​​and high ideals that have always characterized us sailors and that have their roots in our glorious history."

The Oath was the final act of a course, which lasted four weeks, full of formative and training activities, in a professionalizing path that alternated the development of educational programs with activities dedicated to ethical-military training, passing through education. in terms of "safety in the workplace", swimming and rowing activities, formal training and closed order.

From next week the volunteers will start a new specialized training course in the "aircraft" sector at Maristaeli Catania, "submarines" at the submarine flotilla command of Taranto and at the Institute for the achievement of the qualification "defense and installation service" and "master of kitchen and canteen ".

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