The Air Forces of the Navy make "100"

(To Marina Militare)

With the recent delivery of the 52nd of the 56 naval NH-90 helicopters, the Air Forces of the Navy have reached the milestone of 100 aircraft in service.

A modern fleet with different and complementary characteristics, consisting of aerotactic and transport aircraft and medium and medium-heavy helicopters, mainly used at sea and on board naval units.

The Navy can now count on an evolving Naval Aviation, which in the coming years will continue in the renewal process with the progressive replacement of the AV-8B "Plus" aircraft with the F-35 in the STOVL variant developed for use by units aircraft carrier, the completion of the fleet of medium helicopters with the delivery of the last NH-90 in 2023, the modernization of the EH-101 line, the decommissioning of the AB-212, as well as - as early as next year - with the entry into service of the first remotely piloted systems embarked and in perspective, with the completion of the heavy rotary-wing line.

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