The Taranto arsenal hosts a civil tugboat in the dock


The Military Arsenal of Taranto continues in the policy of opening up its own facilities for the maintenance of merchant ships, without limiting in any way the maintenance activity of the military units. For this purpose, the Taranto plant works at full capacity, optimizing the resources available to it in collaboration with the Naval Station's efficient ship service.

Yesterday, for the first time in decades, two boats, the coastal tug Porto Pisano and the Tugboat Dritto of the Neapolitan Rimorchiatori Company, were put ashore inside the land-side breast of the Benedetto Brin masonry basin; the latter is the seventh of the fourteen non-military vessels scheduled for maintenance in the Arsenal, according to the agreement signed between the Navy and the CNT Consortium (Consorzio Navalmeccanico Taranto).

As a counter-service, the large Taranto plant receives supplies of materials and services to be dedicated to the modernization of its structures. The aim is to grow and continue to adapt to current regulations, relying on its own strength and in line with the policy of the spending review.

Source: Military Navy