The naval command school arrives in Montenegro

(To Marina Militare)

After an intense activity of evolutionary maneuvers, simulated and actual tows, lateral flanking for the passage of material, the naval command school, with the patrol boats Foscari e Cassiopeia, arrived last February 1st in the city of Bar.

During the stop in the Montenegrin port, the director of the naval command school and commander of the fourth naval division, rear admiral Alberto Tarabotto, with the school staff and attending officers, carried out the usual protocol visits, first meeting the chief of staff of the Montenegrin Armed Forces in the capital Podgorica, the mayor of the city of Bar and, finally, the deputy head of the Montenegrin Navy. In thanking for the hospitality received during the stop in port, the command school had the opportunity to talk about its uniqueness and excellence, promoting its particular training reality also in favor of foreign navies.

Furthermore, on February 2, the naval command school, and the crews of the ships Foscari e Cassiopeia had the honor of welcoming on board the Italian ambassador to Montenegro, Andreina Marsella, who during the assembly joyfully greeted the crews, welcoming them to “this land of ours on the Adriatic coast" and showing interest and enthusiasm for the activities conducted on board the two naval units. The ambassador then expressed his most sincere good luck to the future commanders.

At the end of the stop, the units, with the visitors and a delegation of Montenegrin Navy officers on board, took part in a training activity at sea characterized by formation maneuvers and suggestive precision navigation in the restricted waters of the Boka Kotorska Bay .

An unprecedented postcard to greet the coasts of Montenegro, and lay the foundations for a closer and more fruitful collaboration between the Navies and the two Nations, wishing future commanders wind in their sails for their return to Italy.