The Navy present at the XXV national meeting of the Italian society of underwater and hyperbaric medicine

(To Marina Militare)

The XXV national meeting of the Italian Society of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine (SIMSI), on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua: the important event actually had a high international profile connotation by bringing together the best European and overseas scholars in a symposium of environmental physiology and medicine, correlated to studies on the body's responses in extreme conditions and in situations of therapeutic administration of hyperbaric oxygen, of great interest for the performance in the underwater environment of the Incursori and Palombari who base their activities in the service of the country on them.

During the three days of work, two sessions were presided over by the Health Inspector Admiral Chief Inspector (SAN) Riccardo Guarducci and by the Commander of Comsubin Rear Admiral Massimiliano Rossi, in addition to the interventions focused on underwater medicine and rescue techniques held by the Head of Service doctor of Comsubin cv (SAN) Gualtiero Meloni and on the activities carried out by the divers of the Navy told by the cv Giampaolo Consoli, commander of the Diving Operations Group, and by the diver Chiara Giamundo, the first woman to have obtained the patent in the ultra-centennial history of the component.

The activities then concluded with some practical demonstrations at the nearby Y 40 structure in Montegrotto, one of the deepest pools in the world, which saw Navy divers as the main protagonists.

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