The Aliseo frigate returns to the 2 ° permanent naval group of NATO


On Sunday 1 February the frigate Aliseo will depart from the Naval Station Mar Grande of Taranto to rejoin the 2 ° Permanent Naval Group of NATO (SNMG2), the integrated multinational naval group that is part of the Rapid NATO Reaction Force (Born Response Force), which operates under the Command of the Allied Maritime Component (MARCOM Northwood), and constitutes a continuous and visible presence of the solidity and cohesion of the Alliance.

The Aliseo frigate will participate in the Active Endeavor, an operation born under the banner of NATO to ensure the safety of navigation and to prevent and combat maritime terrorism.

The eight ships of the group that make up the SNMG2, in addition to participating in operations to prevent and combat terrorism, will take part in naval exercises organized by NATO in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the North Sea in order to train the crews. The NATO fleet will stop in several European ports, these stops are an integral part of the "Partnership for Peace", "Mediterranean Dialogue" program with the aim of establishing relations with the Atlantic Alliance countries.

The Aliseo frigate, under the command of the frigate captain Mario Giancarlo Lauria, with its 220 crew members, will be integrated into an American-led task force and will be engaged in operation until the end of April.

The previous participation in the SNMG2 of the Aliseo ship dates back to the 2013 summer.

Source: Military Navy