Institute of Maritime Military Studies of Venice: inaugurated the 2023/24 academic year

(To Marina Militare)

Tuesday 28 November 2023, at the Library ofInstitute of Maritime Military Studies (ISMM), the inauguration ceremony of the 2023-2024 academic year took place. Guest of honor and author of the lectio magistralis was the engineer Domitilla Benigni, general director, managing director and shareholder of the Elettronica company, president of the subsidiary Cy4Gate, founding member of the Women4Cyber ​​Foundation and member of the Scientific Technical Committee of the Cybersecurity Agency National.

Engineer Benigni gave a speech entitled "Technological innovation and skills: the geopolitical challenge that awaits us", during which he underlined the importance of technical-scientific research, productive and technological sovereignty, and the contamination of knowledge , strategic resilience and strategic leadership, all particularly urgent aspects in an era of competition continuum like the one we are immersed in. The invitation is important, addressed to officers attending the normal general staff course and master's degree in strategic studies and international security , to cultivate knowledge, technical-professional updating and to develop a holistic vision of the reality that surrounds them and which characterizes the action of commanders and leaders.

Present at the ceremony was the commander of the Navy schools, team admiral Antonio Natale, who underlined how the Navies have always been a showcase of the technological progress and industrial capabilities of the countries whose flag they fly, recalling the important contribution that a company like electronics provides to the qualitative improvement of the Armed Forces and the affirmation of national interests.

Numerous civil and military authorities also took part in the ceremony, a clear and incontrovertible demonstration of the deep bond that exists between the Institute of Maritime Military Studies and the training and operational realities of the other Armed Forces and of the solid closeness that exists between the Navy Military and the city of Venice.