The Borsini patrol boat returns to Italy after 192 days


The Borsini patrolman will return to the Augusta naval base after more than 6 months of activity carried out in the seas of the Persian Gulf and the Horn of Africa.

Ship Commander Borsini, who started last November 12 together with the 30 Naval Group "The country system in motion", has followed up an important cooperation agreement with the Mozambique navy. The agreement, signed last January 30, marked the beginning of a cooperation activity between the Italian navy and that of Mozambique, which saw the displacement of the offshore patrol boat Commander Borsini in Maputo.

A three-month presence, that of the Italian naval unit, aimed at training to combat maritime piracy, trafficking, control of territorial waters and the safety of navigation.

The navy has made available the professional and instrumental skills through a transfer of knowledge and experience aimed at achieving the full maritime autonomy of the Mozambican navy, both in terms of coast control and in terms of contrasting trafficking and illegal activities. Ship Commander Borsini, with a crew of 70 people, traveled over 21000 miles making 12 stops in 8 several countries of the Persian Gulf and of the African continent.

To receive the crew, the commander of the patrolling and maritime surveillance forces, Rear Admiral Mario Culcasi, will be present at the quay.

Source: Military Navy