The command of the mine countermeasures forces towards the Unmanned and Aritficial Intelligence

(To Marina Militare)

The command of Mine Countermeasure Forces for over a decade it has been oriented towards the study, experimentation, creation and implementation of functional teams for the use of autonomous underwater and surface vehicles, used assiduously in the most varied sector activities.

This specialist command recently acquired the new position of Undersea Unmanned System Planner, as a staff member of the Task Force 59 of the US Navy which has within it a series of staff elements from different nations, such as Canada, UK, France, South Korea, Spain and Italy.

This figure will allow us to expand the skills of the American command in the field of the use of autonomous underwater and surface vehicles with particular regard to Mine Countermeasures Warfare. In carrying out his duties he will also act as a liaison officer with TF 52 (Mine Countermeasures Task Force), another excellence of the American Fifth Fleet, a unit that has been actively operating for some time with autonomous underwater assets.

TF 59, the first of its kind in the US Navy, has as its main objective the experimentation and operational use of new unmanned prototypes (in the different domains of competence: air, sea and underwater) integrated with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) logic, in a real and rather complex scenario.

The Italian officer's period of mission was sealed by his direct participation in the exercise Digital Vanguard, where he was able to operate, fully integrated into the Task Force, in the management of a fleet of autonomous vehicles, experiencing an unrepeatable and professionally unrivaled training experience, which allowed him to acquire skills, expertise and unique perspectives of the world unmanned and artificial intelligence.