The chief of staff visiting the United Arab Emirates

(To Marina Militare)

The visit of the Navy Chief of Staff, team admiral Enrico Credendino, to the United Arab Emirates ended on 10 November, where he met his Emirati counterpart, Admiral Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, and the General Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Almarar, chief of the critical infrastructure and coastal protection command, as well as the ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates and Lorenzo Fanara.

The meetings, held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates, made it possible to continue the continuous and constant exchange of ideas and knowledge between the two Navies for the development of effective and shared solutions useful for increasing the guarantee of free, sustainable and safe of the seas, starting from the need to ensure adequate defense of freedom of navigation from possible threats in a region, that of the enlarged Mediterranean, which is strategic for our country and for our national interests.

To highlight the importance of these issues, Nave's presence in Abu Dhabi Thaon of Revel, multi-purpose offshore patrol vessel of the Navy, engaged in a long period of international activities which began last August 12 with the participation in various operations outside the Mediterranean basin, up to touching the Arabian Sea and the Strait of Hormuz area.

The mission of Nave Thaon of Revel proved to be a unique opportunity for the consolidation of relations with the Navies and countries of the region, in the broadest spectrum of confidence building and in the wake of the traditional role of naval diplomacy carried out by the Navy in the area of Enlarged Mediterranean.

On this occasion, Admiral Credendino attended the medal delivery ceremony, "Medal Parade", aboard the Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Thaon Di Revel engaged in the AGENOR operation as a flagship under the aegis of the multinational initiative called European Led Maritime Awareness Strait of Hormuz (EMASoH) and met with AGENOR's operational and tactical commanders - respectively Rear Admiral (FRA) Emmanuell Slaars and Rear Admiral (ITA) Stefano Costantino.

Admiral Credendino addressed the crew and staff, congratulating them on the excellent work done "in an extremely complex context of strategic importance for Italy and for European countries in general, also by virtue of its importance in terms of security and stability of the southern flank of Europe" also noting "the central role of navies in promoting dialogue and cooperation at trans-regional and inter-agency level".

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