The 1st initial volunteer course swears allegiance to the Italian Republic

(To Marina Militare)

On August 4, in the Piazza d'Armi crowded with friends and relatives, the first VFI course (Volunteers in Initial Firm) swore allegiance to the Italian Republic, held at the Officers' School of Taranto.

The new figure of the VFI, introduced following the entry into force of the law of 5 August 2022, n. 119, will allow the Armed Forces to have specialized professional figures with an initial employment horizon of three years.

The new training process was designed to allow young men and women to immediately acquire the fundamentals of the assigned category and qualification and to be able, after a short period of practical training at the first destination, to integrate into the departments of the units of the naval team.

The 139 volunteers followed a two-month training course to acquire the basic knowledge of the Armed Forces and the basic technical-professional skills of the category and qualification they belong to. They also did formal training and sports activities including running, swimming and rowing.

With the oath, the 77 men and 62 women of the 1st VFI incorporation concluded the first training period which will be followed by the attendance of the Force Protection and passive defense courses (fire and leak prevention) at the Aeronaval Training Center of the Navy.

Admiral Milazzo, in a passage of his address, congratulating the visitors for the results achieved, underlined the importance of the new figure of the VFI: “You have followed a specific professional training course for the assigned categories and qualifications and you will have a minimum initial employment perspective of at least three years. This will allow you, I'm sure, once you reach your destination, to enter the new working reality in a more aware way, more effective for the organization and with greater personal gratification for yourself."

“Today a new and important chapter in my life has opened” – says the municipality of 2nd Class Giancipoli Giovanni – "Swearing allegiance to the Republic in front of my parents, proud and excited, made me even more convinced of the choice made".

​ Wishing all of them calm seas and favorable winds!