Marine riflemen train alongside Marines and Norwegian Armed Forces during Norway Bilateral 23

(To Marina Militare)

A rate of the Marine Brigade Saint Mark took part in the deployment on the 26thth Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) in Europe - an important presence of the US Marine Corps and the US Navy - which operates as an emergency response force in the event of international crises as well as in support in the event of emergency events.  

The pristine Norwegian environment and the ever-changing climate of the Arctic Circle hosted an exercise of fundamental importance from 7 to 21 August 2023 to increase interoperability and improve the strategic partnership between the United States, Italy and Norway, as well as useful for improve the capabilities of the amphibious forces in a typically mountainous and arctic environment. 

The exercise marks the first of the 26th MEU's training and operational activities during its stay in the European area of ​​operation. The main objective of the exercise is precisely to integrate and train with allied forces. 

The marine brigade Saint Mark participated in the exercise Norway Bilateral 23, bilateral exercise between Norway and the United States, with an assault platoon from the 1st regiment Saint Mark and two officers employed within the staff of the 26thth MEU. 

The assault platoon was integrated into a Marine rifle company, carrying out together with it the numerous activities that took place over the course of the two weeks and forming a single cohesive unit with it. The two officers, on the other hand, closely followed all the planning steps that lead to the creation of an articulated and multi-scale training activity. 

The exercise was centered on activities in the range, during which the riflemen had the opportunity to become familiar with different equipment and to experiment with different movements and tactical procedures, activities aimed at verifying movement and combat skills in a mountain environment in a jointly with mechanized infantry units, test survival skills and techniques in arctic environments and harsh climates and finally compare standardized operating procedures in land and amphibious environments with those of allied and friendly countries.  

The high adaptability and the spirit of professional growth, which have always distinguished the Fusiliers of the marine brigade Saint Mark, together with the natural aptitude for training and personal and professional growth, have allowed for a virtuous and almost total integration with the Marines and Norwegian troops, allowing for a constructive and satisfying discussion on what are the different doctrines and tactical procedures. 

The interaction with the 26th MEU and participation in training activities together with NATO partners, are confirmed as valuable training opportunities for Navy riflemen, in a vast and broad international context, ensuring complete integration and interoperability with military forces of allied countries.