COMSUBIN diving students train in the deep waters of Messina

(To Marina Militare)

From 23 November to 4 December the military port of Messina was the underwater setting for a complex and delicate military training activity: that of deep diving in the diving course, up to the maximum altitude of 60 meters.

La Diving School of COMSUBIN, based in Le Grazie, has chosen to cross the borders of peninsular Italy by virtue of the unique morphological characteristic of the waters of the port of Messina: the immediate access to very deep sea beds, so incredibly close to the mainland and the docks of the military port area, makes this abyssal scenario a truly unique training environment.

Thanks to this natural gift, in which Scylla and Charybdis were the first to confront each other in distant Greek mythology, the school of divers conducted 120 deep dives at 60 meters in depth in the span of a few days.

A very high number of dives considering that the sea rarely gives operators such a lasting and benevolent welcome and that diving is always activities carried out in an unnatural environment. Despite this, the COMSUBIN instructors, through careful planning and careful exploitation of the aforementioned natural characteristics of the place, have concluded the training course of future Navy divers.