The Volunteer students on Initial Service take the oath in the “Comando” Square of La Maddalena

(To Marina Militare)

Do you swear by it? I swear!!

It is now customary for one of the four annual oaths to take place outside the School in the setting of Piazza Umberto I - known to all as "Piazza Comando". For the occasion, the evening before the ceremony, some events were organized for the benefit of the population such as the concert by the Fanfare of the Naval Academy of Livorno, at the "Palco della Musica", the lowering of the flag at the Admiralty, and the "retreat" of course attendees through the city streets.

The following morning the three companies of the jurands reached the location of the ceremony in formation.

Upon reading the ritual formula by the commander of the School, the 147 volunteers at the start - 48 women and 99 men - of the "Maestrale" course, who arrived at the School on 18 September, replied "I swear" and then intoned the Mameli's anthem in a very engaging emotional crescendo also for the audience present.

The mayor of La Maddalena, Fabio Lai, and the chief of staff of the Navy school command, rear admiral Marco Montoneri, then addressed the students with short but significant speeches.

Once the ceremony was over, the students departed along the seafront and returned to the Institute.