The students of the Naval Academy of Livorno swear

(To Marina Militare)

This morning, at the Naval Academy of Livorno, 125 officer students of the 1st class of the normal courses, 33 officer students of the auxiliary courses, AUFP, and 12 additional pilot officer students, AUPC, took the solemn oath of loyalty to the Homeland , becoming part of the great Navy team.

Present at the celebration of the evocative rite, which is renewed annually in the historic square of the institute, were the Undersecretary of State for Defense Matteo Perego of Cremnago, the Chief of Staff of the Defense, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone and the Chief of Staff of the Navy team admiral Enrico Credendino.

The Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, greeted the students in his greeting message: “I look at you with pride, because you have chosen to serve your country with strength and loyalty, in a world that is constantly evolving. You too will be guardians of stability and bringers of peace. Your mission is great but the trust we place in you is even greater."

During his speech, the Undersecretary of State for Defence, addressing the array of jurors: “You will be commanders of men and women, of your future crews. In their eyes you will be the example to follow and I hope you set your leadership style with common sense, loyalty and always with courage. The Naval Academy of Livorno, a hotbed of commanders of the future, is an evocative location and is, and will always be, your mother company, that house which aims to keep the flame alive, nourish you with honesty and values ​​and make you leaders of tomorrow, the guides, the references for many young people like you today.”

Admiral Cavo Dragone encouraged the students: “Be curious, study, have courage, don't set limits because this extraordinary career, this unique life experience that you have chosen will open up many perspectives for you, often unexpected and sudden; but which is up to you to grasp with intelligence, a spirit of adventure and determination.”

The Chief of Staff of the Navy wished good winds to the future officers: “Serving the country is something that you will carry out in small daily actions, in a silent way, doing your duty so that you are ready to face, with clarity and serenity, even the most risky or large-scale undertakings. The most extraordinary part of your service will be your discipline in everyday life, the guidance you give to your subordinates through example, the consistency between what you say and what you do, the solidarity you are able to express towards your colleagues, the ability to keep the crew together.”