16 oath course marshals and VFP1 of 1 ° bl / 2 ° incorp.


Today, in the striking setting of Piazza d'Armi of the Naval Petty Officer School of Taranto, the students of the 16 normal course marshals and the volunteers in fixed stops of 1 year (VFP 1) belonging to the 1 ° block - 2 ° embedding 2014 have sworn allegiance to the Italian republic.

The solemn ceremony took place in the presence of the commander of the navy schools - team admiral Gerald Talarico, the commander of the institute, admiral of the Salvatore Coppola division and civil, military and religious authorities.

By sealing entry into the large family of the armed forces, the oath represents, for each military, one of the most significant moments of his career and, more in general, of his life experience. 16 course 31 students of the 1 class ^ 27 students - 4 men and 3 women - enrolled in the first year of the degree course in "Sciences and management of maritime activities" of the Aldo Moro University of Bari that, during the XNUMX years of permanence in the institute, will acquire the specific professional skills and the indispensable notions of military ethics and seafaring art necessary to fully fulfill, at the end of the cycle of studies and training, the tasks that will be assigned to them, on board the ships and at the controls / bodies on the ground of our marina.

The 455 volunteers in prefixed firm belonging 1 ° block 2 ° incorporation 2014, 361 men and 94 women, have sworn at the end of the training course of 4 weeks. About half of these young soldiers (harbor coaches) will immediately be sent to their destination. The other students, before reaching the respective destinations, will complete the training process in the following weeks respectively:

port pilots assigned to kitchen and canteen services, at the non-commissioned officers' school, sailors and port pilots assigned to the so-called "defense of the installations", at the Caorle schools battalion of the San Marco marine brigade. During the ceremony Admiral Talarico has delivered to the sgt (marine rifleman) Leonardo Libertucci and to the sub-chief of 3 ^ Classe (marine rifleman) Cristian Caminita, a bronze medal to the merit of marina.

Source: Military Navy