Training and training for transport in high bio-containment


The 8 and 9 in January 2015, at the main infirmary of the Air Force of Pratica di Mare, a course was held for the training and training of medical personnel of the Navy for the transport in high bio-containment.

The course, which was developed on frontal lecture modules and practical tests, was specially designed to provide attendees with adequate knowledge of biohazard and the skills necessary for the correct use of personal protective equipment and isolators (stretchers and stations isolation) to be used in the case of management and more particularly the transport of highly contagious patients.

Surely the patrolling activities in the Sicilian Channel and more specifically the rescue of migrants in difficulty can generate this type of requirement, even if the risk must be considered very low.

For the frequency of this event, some medical officers and non-commissioned nurses of the Augusta and Catania bases have been identified, who will then be part of the aero-medical evacuation teams who will have to intervene in the case of suspected patients with highly contagious diseases on board the naval units of the Navy. It is in fact the responsibility of the armed force to guarantee this type of transfer from the naval units to the ground, where the subjects are then taken care of by the Health Service of the Italian Air Force for transportation to the national reference centers, the Research Institute and Care for the "Lazzaro Spallanzani" Infectious Diseases of Rome and the "Luigi Sacco" Hospital of Milan. 

The admiral inspector Enrico Mascia, head of the Health Corps MM, who intervened during the works, wished to thank the Health Service of the Italian Air Force that made possible and in a very short time the realization of the training event, which he made available to the Navy. the know-how acquired in the many years of experience in the sector and in which it is considered undisputed reference.

The general inspector Piervalerio Manfroni, head of the Health Services AM wished, in this context, to underline the importance of an increasing synergy between the health services of the various FF.AA. and this in order to be able to ensure with ever better results, the primary goal of military health and that is to protect the health of all its staff.

Source: Military Navy