Signed collaboration agreement between Marina Militare and Visionando NGO

(To Marina Militare)

It was held yesterday, aboard Nave Vespucci, the stipulation of the collaboration agreement between the Navy and the Visionando NGO Association The commander of the command schools of the Navy, team admiral Antonio Natale, and the president of Visionando, lawyer Antonella Succi.

The collaboration is for the exclusive benefit of the intercultural exchange between Italy and Santo Domingo, with the aim of bringing mutual growth in the field of sea culture, bio-eco-sustainability, research and innovation and protection of human rights.

The protection of human rights is a fundamental principle for the Navy, in the respect and protection of freedoms which in the maritime context are very important also considering the international standards that regulate activities at sea.

“Spreading of culture and the centrality of the sea, respect for the environment and protection of human rights are at the heart of the culture of the Navy. This reflects the commitment of our sailors and the invaluable value of their action for national and international security. Together with Visionando, we aim to enhance this dimension and through research and development projects, we intend to further disseminate the Italian cultural heritage and promote a fruitful intercultural dialogue ", these are the words of Admiral Natale on the sidelines of the signing of the agreement.

“The affirmation of universal human rights, Visionando's mission, is deeply linked to the values ​​of the Navy. Visionando's goal is to carry out, together with the Navy, scientific research projects for environmental protection, with particular attention to the protection of the marine environment and the enhancement and promotion of interculturalism among peoples. it is an honor for Visionando to be part of this project!” declared the president Succi of the Visionando NGO