Two Italian divers mark an absolute record at a US Navy course

(To Marina Militare)

On November 24th, at the US Naval School “Explosive Ordnance Disposal” in the state of Florida (USA), the “International EOD” end-of-course ceremony took place.

The course, which lasts 26 weeks, aims to make visitors of various nationalities acquire the operating procedures for research, identification, safety "Render Safe Procedures" (RSP) and destruction of explosive devices "Explosive Ordnance", peculiar abilities of the Navy divers who are put to good use on a daily basis in the reclamation of an annual consolidated average of over 70.000 remnants of war and explosive devices in the national waters of seas, rivers and lakes for the protection of public safety.

The sub-chief of the 3rd class diver Maradini Alberto and the sub-chief of the 3rd class diver Cappanera Nicola under the Diving Operations Group (GOS) by Comsubin, they ranked first and second winning the competition of 13 participating foreign countries, however, reporting a very high average score of 98,78 / 100 and 98/100 which established a absolute primacy among the adhering nations. The two young graduates have therefore achieved a result of considerable depth, which also represents a source of pride for the specialist component and for the Navy.

The 1st lieutenant diver Giannoni Paolo was present at the ceremony for the awarding of the patents and, as part of a dedicated program for the exchange of their respective professional skills, he carries out the role of instructor of US personnel at the US Navy Diving School.

The remarkable results achieved by Comsubin staff during their participation in prestigious international training courses are also a guarantee of the absolute quality of the initial training process followed at the Diving School del Varignano, which then translates into the expertise of Diving Operations Group (GOS) as an international reference point and unanimously recognized excellence in the diving sector, both in the exclusive military functions and for activities in favor of the community.

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