After seven months of Ocean Shield, Mimbelli ship returns to Patria


Yesterday Mimbelli ship returned to the base, at the Mar Grande naval station in Taranto, after seven months in the Ocean Shield NATO antipiracy mission. 3000 is waiting for people between family and friends and the chief of staff of the naval squad leader, divisional admiral Michele Saponaro.

More than 160 days at sea with over 37.000 miles of navigation (almost 70000 kilometers - twice around the world) in the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, touching different countries of the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa and coming up to the island of Madagascar.

Not only anti-piracy operations but also humanitarian assistance to the populations of Africa, naval diplomacy and training, have engaged the crew of the Mimbelli in these seven months which, under the command of vessel captain Davide Berna, has contributed to maintaining safety maritime for the benefit of the international community.

Source: Military Navy