After 3 months, Nave Vulcano leaves the OMS flagship job

(To Marina Militare)

Ship too Volcano contributes to the safety of our sea.

This time not as a refueler but as a Flagship of the Safe Mediterranean Operation (OMS), in the multifaceted operational spirit of force multiplier of the maneuver scheme of the naval team that distinguishes the logistic support unit, which has just come out of the end-of-warranty works. In this direction, to safeguard the national interests of cable ducts and platforms off-shore and the freedom of movement of Italian fishing vessels, as well as for the fight against illegal activities at sea and the protection of the marine environment, the Volcano sailed 91 of the 104 days of aggregation - 50 of the last 51 - hosting 3 Staff rotations, up to 2 NH90/AB212 plus a marine brigade opposed team Saint Mark, conducting the full spectrum of surface and air activities associated with Maritime Surveillance and the prevention of immigration exploitation in the Central Mediterranean. 

Active in WHO since last May 8, the time has come for the Volcano to cede the flag and command group to Nave St. George, which from August 20 will continue to support the 8th rotation.

Good wind!​