Anti-pollution device at sea


The Navy and the Civil Protection Department are from today committed to jointly study and develop a device for the reclamation of marine waters from solid and liquid waste: this is what the agreement signed by Franco Gabrielli, head of the Civil Protection Department establishes, and Team Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, Chief of Staff of the Navy.

SAURO - Sea Antipollution Unit for Rapid Off-shore drainage, this is the name of the device - has been patented by the Department of Civil Protection and has been designed to help make it easier to recover pollutants and waste lost at sea, being in able to separate and recover both solid (plastic) and liquid (oil) waste, even simultaneously.

The Navy and the Department of Civil Protection, driven by a common interest in protecting the marine environment and safeguarding the population, tested the system last December 16 at the Navy officers' club in Rome, using a model created by the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Florence on a scale of 1:50 and mounted on a model of a tugboat of the same scale, usually used to assist oil rigs.

On that occasion it was shown how the system - rather simple from a technological point of view and achievable with low costs - is very versatile, so much so that it can be used by different ship models. The system is able to recover materials of various sizes, from sub-millimeter particles up to objects measurable in meters, not only on the surface but also at a few meters deep. It can be used in adverse weather and sea conditions and at speeds higher than those of normal skimmers. With the signed agreement, the Department of Civil Protection and Navy therefore aims to identify possible applications to find the most effective solution to solve a problem, that of marine pollution, which shows its negative consequences every day. not only on marine flora and fauna, but also, consequently, on the population.

Source: Military Navy