Bahrain delegation on board the ship Cigala Fulgosi


An official 6 delegation of the Navy of the Kingdom of Bahrain visited the patrol boat Comandante Cigala Fulgosi, moored in the naval base of the Navy of Augusta, as part of a program of collaboration in the defense between Italy and Bahrain, aimed at providing some systems already embarked on the units of the Italian Naval Squadron.

The captain of frigate Riccardo Del Bianco, commander of Nave Cigala Fulgosi, supported for the occasion by the engineer Gennaretti of the Selex-es companies, welcomed the delegation presenting the characteristics of the OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) of the Navy, and highlighting the potential of the "Comandanti class" and in particular of the "NA 25 x" shooting radar, installed on board and the result of the Italian industry Selex-es.

The delegation then witnessed an effective demonstration on the operation of the shooting radar, tracking and acquiring naval and air targets with subsequent designation to the main caliber of the unit.

Source: Military Navy

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