From Taranto to La Maddalena, 296 sailors swear

(To Marina Militare)

On 25 March 296 new sailors entered the large Navy family. They are the volunteers on a fixed basis of one year, who in Taranto and La Maddalena have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic, in the presence of the flag and the commander of the corps.

“Be proud and proud, face each assignment that will be entrusted to you with loyalty, determination and transparency - said the commander of Mariscuola Taranto, Rear Admiral Andrea Petroni, to his - remember that you have to start with small things in order to reach even the most ambitious goals and, for this reason, do not hesitate to throw your heart over the obstacle every time it becomes necessary ".

Before pronouncing the formula of the oath, the vessel captain Mauro Panarello, commander of the Officers' School de La Maddalena, underlined the change in the young volunteers who only a month earlier had crossed the Mariscuola gate disoriented and at the time of the oath they presented themselves perfectly aligned and synchronized to face perhaps the most important moment of their career with determination and seriousness.

Of the 172 who swore in Taranto, 94 will complete the crews of the naval units, while a new period of specialist training opens for the remaining 78. Among 124 new sailors of La Maddalena, some of them will reach service destinations throughout the country, while others will remain on the island to become masters of the kitchen and canteen, workers in the defense service installations and technicians of machinery.