The diver's licenses were handed over to the other Armed Forces and State Armed Corps

(To Marina Militare)

At the representative club of grouping divers and raiders, a sober but significant ceremony was held for the awarding of the licenses at the end of the "Sommozzatori Unico A.A. 2023-24" course.

In fact, 9 operators belonging to the Air Force, the Carabinieri, the State Police and the Port Authorities were authorized to dive, by virtue of the Decree of the Ministry of Defense of 25 June 1984, which attests to the Navy and in particular to the Comsubin, the responsibility of training divers belonging to the other Armed Forces and Armed Corps of the State.

The demanding training process saw the new divers try their hand at using the main underwater equipment at various depths, carrying out operations with the aid of helicopters and knowing how to recognize explosive devices, allowing them to acquire the necessary preparation for ready operational use at their own core groups.

La Diving School of the group therefore continues in its virtuous training work not only related to the needs of the Armed Forces, but also aimed at ensuring the fundamental work of training and training of underwater personnel within the Defense and other Dicasteries, ensuring the necessary continuity.