Delivery of the ranks of chief of 3rd class at the 23rd normal marshal course

(To Marina Militare)

Wednesday 31 May, in the Piazza d'Armi of the Officers' School of Taranto, rear admiral Francesco Milazzo, commander of the training institute, handed over the ranks of "chief of 3rd class" to 126 students of the 23rd normal course for marshals.

A coveted goal achieved by the "new marshals" attending the third and last year of the course which will lead them, after the summer, to their first destination on board the ships of the naval squadron and at the Port Authorities.

After the delivery of the degrees, in the presence of the student brigade, Admiral Milazzo congratulated the 3rd class of the "Zeus" course, inviting them to think about the near future "…after the individual oath and graduation, you are about to conclude the demanding training course that began just under three years ago. After the summer, you will reach your first destination on board the units of the naval squadron and at the commands of the Harbor offices present throughout the national territory. They are waiting for you. Be professional and authoritative, be ready to throw your heart beyond the obstacle".

"A new chapter in our career as soldiers and sailors has opened today. Not a goal, but a starting point. We will continue to work with commitment and dedication to honor the rank that today, excited, we received from the hands of Admiral commander." the comment of the head of course Mattia Zuccarini, after breaking ranks.