Concluded the "Module Arte del Comando" for the students of the 2nd normal class marshals of the "Zeus" course

(To Marina Militare)

The "Arte del Comando" module conducted with the personnel of the "Caorle" Schools battalion of the marine brigade ended on 20 September for the students of the 23rd Marshals Normal Course "Zeus". Saint Mark.  

The students lived intensely this new exciting experience that allowed them to develop leadership and the skills to manage personnel in conditions of prolonged psychophysical stress, while at the same time giving individual indoctrination, in the field, to the use of weapons.

Polygons, topographical marches, defense and attack techniques on military installations, crowd control in high voltage situations and amphibious landings, were the most detailed topics during the course through theoretical-practical training, which allowed the students to refine the organizational capacity in leading men and vehicles as well as familiarizing for the first time with the techniques used by the "Navy Riflemen". 

"..It was a unique opportunity to learn and increase my decision-making skills - says 2nd class student Amelio Carmine - “Focusing on the objectives to be achieved with criteria and concreteness is what has been transmitted to us by the men of the San Marco marine brigade; for us future non-commissioned officers, the concept of effective leadership is an essential element for the forthcoming employment aboard the naval squad units ".