Bilateral talks with allied Black Sea navies concluded

(To Marina Militare)

At Palazzo Marina, last February 7, 2024, it was a day of intense discussions and handshakes on the occasion of the 12tha edition of the interviews Navy-to-Navy with the Turkish Navy, hosted by the Navy. Since they began way back in 2003, these staff talks have represented an important appointment in the calendar of the two navies. This edition did not disappoint expectations, offering a unique opportunity to strengthen ties and the level of cooperation between allies with numerous converging interests and a common Mediterranean culture.

staff talks with the Turkish Navy take on greater importance this year as they close a cycle of meetings with the three allied navies of the Black Sea: in mid-January in Varna, the Italian delegation was hosted in Bulgaria and then in Rome on 23 January it arrived the Romanian delegation is visiting. In addition to enhancing the level of bilateral cooperation between the navies involved, this cycle offered a valuable opportunity to delve deeper into the geopolitical dynamics that are shaking the Black Sea. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the resulting proliferation of drifting mines pose significant security risks regional and freedom of navigation.

And why is all this so important for the Navy? Because, for Italy, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea are not just basins of water, but sources of life, trade and security. With 25% of the national GDP directly linked to the sea, every wave that propagates in these bodies of water has a direct impact on Italian interests. To fully understand what is happening in the so-called "Wider Mediterranean" and wherever national interests extend, it is crucial to keep a careful eye on regional dynamics and consolidate cooperation with allied navies. And the talks Navy-to-Navy they are one of the main tools that the Navy has available to achieve this objective.