Dynamic Mirage 2024 concluded in Taranto

(To Marina Militare)

From 22 to 26 January 2024, the aeronaval training center of the Navy (MARICENTADD) coordinated personnel of the ship's operational teams Doria, Alpine e Carabiniere, as well as a portion of personnel from the 4th Grottaglie helicopter group as part of the first NATO virtual exercise called "Dynamic Mirage 2024" (DYMG24).

Carried out with the technical contribution of the staff of programming center of the Navy (MARICENPROG) within the simulated "combat operations center - COC" of a European Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) of the same centre, the exercise saw the participation of numerous other Allied Nations such as Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Holland and Norway.

The DYMG24 was overall an excellent test bed to verify and consolidate the experiences already gained by the Navy in the field ofFleet Synthetic Training (ASF).

The ASF is inspired by the Fleet Synthetic Training American and uses, as an enabling technology, the "Modelling & Simulation technology" declined according to the Live Virtual Constructive - Training Concept. Thanks to this technology, the combat operations centers they are able to manage the same (simulated) information that would be available while sailing in the open sea, sharing the simulated operational scenarios with each other, while overall safeguarding the relevant training content. The application of the concepts and technical-operational procedures implemented for the national ASF in the DYMG24 exercise therefore laid the foundations for expanding the level of interoperability of crews, procedures and systems in the NATO military naval sector.