The XXIX Italian expedition to Antarctica is over


In these days the XXIX Italian expedition in Antarctica 2013 / 2014 has officially ended, sanctioned by the ceremony of the amine flag celebrated at the Italian station "Mario Zucchelli".

The Navy personnel took part in the ceremony with colleagues from the Army, Aeronautics and Carabinieri, also involving the civilian personnel of the base.

The national flag was thus lowered for the last time, before the arrival of the austral winter, a period in which the coastal station will remain closed while the Italian-French base Concordia, located on the high Antarctic Plateau, will remain active throughout the 'winter with the' winter over 'staff (period in which the base will remain isolated and unreachable due to prohibitive weather conditions), giving continuity to the national research project.

The Navy took part in the Antarctic expedition with highly specialized personnel for both hydrographic and technical-logistic support. In particular, a team consisting of two specialized hydrograph officers was employed, whose work was defined and planned by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, to carry out the hydrographic surveys necessary for the production of nautical documentation with national and international diffusion, which is going to increase navigation safety standards for future shipments to the area.

Hydrography, within the scientific community in Antarctica, has as its objective the realization of nautical and thematic cartography, whose data can be used on several research fronts, from the study of the morphology and morphodynamics of the Antarctic seabed, up to the composition sedimentological. This through the study of the signal reflected by the fishfinders on the surface layer of the seabed.

Subsequently, the non-commissioned officers of the Navy, naval specialists and motorists, also took part in the XXIX expedition, entrusted with the task of conducting and maintaining the naval vessels available to the entire national expedition for research activities at sea, two non-commissioned officers. RECON company of the San Marco marine brigade, a non-commissioned diver of COMSUBIN and a technical engineer sub-officer, who gave support to the manual drilling operations of the sampling package of the native marine species.

Source: Military Navy