Comsubin: in 7 days neutralized 50 dangerous bombs dating back to World War II

(To Marina Militare)

From 12 to 19 July 2019 the divers of the Diving Operations Group (GOS) of the Diving and Raiders Command of the Navy (Comsubin), seconded to the SDAI (Sminazione Difesa Antimezzi Insidiosi) nuclei of Augusta, La Maddalena and Taranto have concluded several underwater operations in the waters of Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia through which 50 dangerous explosive devices were neutralized .

In Sicily the Augusta SDAI nucleus urgently intervened at the request of the Trapani prefecture respectively at Marinella di Selinute, where 41 reclaimed artillery shells at depths of only 2 and at 30 meters from the coast, and at Trefontane where removed 1.000 machine-gun ammunition from a wreck of a Piaggio P108, an Italian aircraft of the latest conflict that was at 34 meters deep. On behalf of the Syracuse prefecture, the core of Comsubin divers was then intervened in Cassibile to remove 4 mortar bombs and an English hand grenade, all with special loading, from the bottom. These particular devices, which cannot be reclaimed at sea, have imposed a joint operation with the bomb disposal personnel of the 4 Army regiment of Palermo who took them over for their definitive use.

In Sardinia the SDAI nucleus of La Maddalena concluded an emergency intervention today, requested by the prefecture of Sassari, which allowed to remove and destroy an MK-4 airplane bomb from 500 pounds, found in recent days by the brigade divers of fire at 35 meters deep at 5 miles from the entrance of the port of Porto Torres.

In Puglia the SDAI nucleus of Taranto is intervention in Porto Cesario, at the request of the Lecce prefecture, to neutralize 3 artillery shells from 75 mm.

All the bombs that were found, with the exception of those found in Cassibile, were destroyed according to the established procedures aimed at preserving the marine ecosystem in safety areas identified by the local maritime authorities.

It is good to remind anyone who should come across objects that in shape and size may call up an explosive device or parts of it, that these artifacts can be very dangerous and therefore must not be touched or tampered with in any way, but the finding must be reported immediately. to the local Harbor Master's Office or to the nearest carabinieri station, so as to allow the intervention of the Comsubin divers in order to restore the safety conditions of our sea.