Case marò: Co.Ce.R Marina, after three years still undefined situation


"Three years have passed since our compatriots, Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, were detained in India. Today, three years later, the situation is still incredibly undefined".

This was confirmed with Adnkronos by Cocer delegates of the Navy, Vito Alò, Giordano Andreoli, Antonio Colombo and Franco Saccone, who stressed: "We do not want to hear about exchanges or mild convictions: our colleagues have to head back to Italy, proud of have served their country ".

"On the affair - they continue - we also greatly appreciated the words that the Supreme Head of the Armed Forces, the President of the Republic Mattarella addressed both to the armed forces and to Girone and Latorre.For this sensitivity we are sure that he will choose among his advisors personalities independent not related to economic and political interests of any kind, today our thoughts go not only to Maximilian and Savior but also to their families and children to whom no one can return three years of lack of affection ".