Solidarity Campaign 2023: Epilepsy Lombarda Onlus booming

(To Marina Militare)

On 22 August, with the departure from the naval base of La Spezia, the second part of Nave Italia's "2023 Solidarity Campaign" began with the project called "ELO in full swing 2023", in favor of 8 beneficiaries (aged between 16 and 42 years) suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy and associated disabilities, with the aim of developing and consolidating their independence in a safe but at the same time motivating and inclusive context.

Day after day the boys measured themselves with seafaring life on board, contributing to all the activities of the ship and its crew, including opening and closing the sails, shifts in the kitchen and cleaning the premises and the ascent ashore and the various experiential workshops respecting the schedules and times of life on board.

During the week spent on board, there was no shortage of moments of leisure, such as swimming in the sea in the waters of the eastern Ligurian coast, under the constant supervision of the escorts and the crew, as well as more formal moments, such as the celebration of the ceremony of the lowering of the flag, which took place with heterogeneous deployment (crew and embarked group) on the quarterdeck of the unit.

La 2023 campaign will start again immediately on August 29, with "ASSOCIAZIONE PROGETTO OASI - "Vento in poppa" which will involve a group of young people, suffering from psychophysical disabilities, who will embark on the ship Italia during the five days at sea on the Genoa - Savona route.