Change in command of the Third Naval Division

(To Marina Militare)

Brindisi – Handover ceremony on board the amphibious assault ship Saint Mark between rear admirals Stefano Costantino and Michele Orini, respectively transferring and taking over, in command of the third naval division (COMDINAV TRE) and commander of the Spanish-Italian Amphibious Forces (SIAF).

The handover, after an intense year of command characterized by numerous operational and training activities, among which the activity of Disaster Relief following the flood in Derna (Libya), Humanitarian Assistance following the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also carrying out the role of tactical commander at sea of ​​the operation Safe Mediterranean.

Admiral Costantino leaves the reins of the third naval division, congratulating the work carried out by the men and women both on board the ships, from the sea and on the sea, and on land at the naval base of Brindisi: "a year of activities conducted in the uninterrupted wake of an enthusiasm increased by experiential awareness and the determination to fully and best capitalize on what has been built over time by those who preceded me in this command".

During his speech, Admiral De Carolis highlighted how it is evident: “the increased importance that the amphibious component has been enjoying for several years and which today sees it taking on an important role also in the plans of the Atlantic Alliance. Our Navy responded to this trend immediately and the development of the concept of the Littoral Expeditionary Group must be seen in this context, to constantly keep a company of the San Marco marine brigade (BMSM) on board an amphibious ship and ready for use. with related means and equipment, participation in amphibious initiatives within NATO, the impetus for cooperation with Spain in the context of the joint amphibious force Spanish Italian Amphibious Force – Landing Force (SIAF-SILF), synergies with the US Marines and the Royal British Marines, the next entry into line of Nave Trieste, the development of a program for the replacement of the 3 amphibious ships of the Santi class, the establishment of a joint capacity called Joint Landing Force in collaboration with our Army, the acquisition of the new amphibious armored vehicle (VBA) and much more".

Rear Admiral Orini takes on this role “with enthusiasm and the firm determination to lead it following the trail well traced by its predecessors". Such commitment "it is only possible with the support of all the women and men of the third naval division, in a cohesion of spirits and intentions, of that passionate and loyal collaboration that distinguishes all Navy crews", he said in his acceptance speech.