Toast, great success for the Italian Rowing Indoor Rowing Championships


Nearly three hundred athletes of all ages, from all over Italy, took part in the Italian rowing indoor rowing championships, which took place over the weekend in Brindisi, in the Ermanno Carlotto barracks, headquarters of the Marina San Marco Brigade.

Organized in collaboration with the Circolo Canottieri Pro-Monopoli the event was the first of the year for Brindisi "European City of Sport".

The athletes competed in the various categories, both Olympic and Paralympic, in the presence of the president of the Italian Rowing Federation, the champion and legend of national sport Giuseppe Abbagnale, and in front of an audience that crowded the places where the Marine Fusiliers.

For two days, the 'Ermanno Carlotto' barracks were transformed into a small Olympic village open to the public, giving everyone the opportunity to attend the championships, and to get to know the equipment that the San Marco uses in the operating theaters.

The federal competitions were preceded, on Saturday, by the participation of high school students from Brindisi and the province, who were able to compete in mini-races on professional oar ergometers, amicably called 'fans' by professionals. Among the athletes also three Sailors, coming from theNaval Academy: Lieutenant of Vascello Augusto Zamboni, classified 2 ° in his category, the Chief of 2 ^ Class Daniele Ceccarini and the Deputy of 2 ^ Class Gennaro Agrillo.

A very intense moment was added to the sporting event when President Abbagnale, with a hands-free phone call with the entire 'building', expressed the solidarity and support of the entire Italian rowing community to our Riflemen, Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, who received a strong and prolonged applause from the audience who wanted to be close to our Lions.

Source: Military Navy