"Bagnarola" for the submarine Romeo Romei

(To Marina Militare)

Last 2 March in the Gulf of La Spezia, at the end of the tests and tests "on the ground" carried out in the construction and construction phase, the first sea trial of the submarine took place Romeo Romei.

The unit, launched on 4 July last year, thus enters the final phase of its construction. A more "dynamic" phase, which includes a series of sea trials, a tight and demanding process, which will end with the delivery of the submarine to the Navy and the concomitant entry into service, scheduled for autumn this year .

Il Romeo Romei, the second underwater unit to bear the name of the corvette captain Romeo Romei, submarine commander and gold medal for military valor to memory, is the fourth creation of the class of U212A submarines, of Italo-German design, equipped with the most advanced technologies and a set of sensors that allow him to carry out the three-dimensional discovery (above, on and below the surface of the sea) at a great distance, to exploit the high characteristics of concealment and use advanced telecommunication systems that make it a formidable sentinel of the abyss for the defense of national interests.

The first outing at sea, traditionally called "bagnarola", represents a very important step for those who have, with deep dedication, "accompanied" the Romei from being a set of plants and steel components welded together to be a submarine characterized by technological harmony and a mixed crew composed of technicians of the National Industry and military supervisors (part of the future crew).

The satisfaction and satisfaction with the success of this fundamental preliminary test constitutes a stimulus for the future for the military personnel of the New Naval Construction Center. In the coming months, many other tests will take place which will allow us to carefully test all the on-board equipment according to very strict criteria and to evaluate the performance of the vehicle.