Alternation between Rear Admiral Esposito and Rear Admiral Tarabotto

(To Marina Militare)

Yesterday, Friday 25 August 2023, the ceremony for the change in command of the fourth naval division - patrol forces for coastal surveillance and defense (COMDINAV 4 - COMFORPAT) took place at the Tullio Marcon quay of the Augusta Naval Base.

In the presence of team admiral Aurelio De Carolis, commander in chief of the naval squadron, the deliveries were handed over to rear admiral Luca Pasquale Esposito, at the end of two years of intense activity, and rear admiral Alberto Tarabotto, coming from the post of chief staff of the school command of the Navy (MARICOMSCUOLE) of Ancona.

Rear Admiral Esposito will shortly assume the position of commander of the Italian Navy's air-naval training center (MARICENTADD) in Taranto.​​