Cross-Deck activity between the Italian Carrier Strike Group and the allied group of the Standing Naval Force

(To Marina Militare)

TheItalian Carrier Strike Group of the Navy, composed of the aircraft carrier Cavour, flagship of the naval squadron, from the destroyer Caio Duilio and the team supply Etna, employed in the waters of the central Mediterranean, has recently carried out activities based on the achievement of the Full Operational Capability (FOC) of the 5th generation aircraft (Joint Strike Fighter – F35) in its use as a ship Cavour.

The operation that can be framed in the broader concept of enhanced Vigilance Activity, allowed the Italian aircraft carrier group to carry out an "encounter at sea" with the units of the Standing Naval Force of NATO (Ex-SNMG2 – Standing Naval Maritime Group 2) contextually present in the same areas of the Mediterranean.

The aircraft carrier Cavour – headquarters of the embarked staff of the Task Group, for the occasion led by division admiral Giacinto Sciandra, commander of the 2nd naval division, hosted a delegation of Allied crews together with the group commander, rear admiral Scott Sciretta. On this occasion, the commanders of the respective naval groups confirmed their willingness for ever greater cooperation between allied countries in the context of maritime surveillance activities, a necessary requirement to support the broader concept of defense, with a clear message aimed at supporting stability regional in the areas of responsibility of the Atlantic Alliance.