Train at home with the Marina Incursori !!!

(To Marina Militare)

In this emergency period, during which everyone is obliged to stay inside their homes, the need to "escape" through multiple activities that can be carried out within the walls of the home is increasingly evident.

For this reason, the Incursion Operational Group of the Navy has thought of making a video that can be of support to all those who want to maintain their physical shape or, simply, perform a minimum motor activity.

The proposed exercises can be performed on a limited floor area, without the aid of exercise equipment but by using household objects, and from anyone who wants to pass about twenty minutes a day with the operators of the Diver and Raiders Command.

The criterion used during training will be to warm up the different muscle chains, conduct the exercises on the basis of subjective athletic abilities and conclude the activity through the cooling down process, the stretching necessary to dispose of lactic acid and accumulated free radicals .

The proposed session can be carried out incrementally, according to the answers that your body will provide, and repeated daily, being careful not to overdo it.

To make the most of the video, it is recommended to use the "play" and "pause" buttons of the software / player to play the videos, as indicated on your monitor screen, so that you can perform the exercises in the best way possible and carry out any repetitions, according to the suggestions proposed by the Instructor who was assigned to you by the Incursori Operational Group.

Before starting any activity, it is advisable to remember to prepare the training area, moving the objects that could be stumbling, in order to carry out sports safely.

It will be fun and useful to gather in the family in front of the PC screen to train together and, who knows, to develop the idea of ​​becoming an operator of the Special Forces of the Navy.