The Dynamic Manta 2023 exercise is underway

(To Marina Militare)

The training activity called Dynamic Manta, since 2013, one of the most important and complex NATO anti-submarine exercises.

Scheduled since Allied Maritime Command (NATO Allied Maritime Command – MARCOM) and conducted off the eastern and southern coasts of Sicily, DYMA is mainly aimed at training and conducting anti-submarine defense operations (Anti Submarine Warfare - ASW).

This year there will be five submarines employed, belonging to the Navies of Greece, Italy, Turkey and the United States; the vessels will operate under the control of the Submarine Command of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO Submarine Command - COMSUBNATE), training with the surface units.

The use of maritime patrol aircraft is also envisaged (Maritime Patrol Aircraft – MPA) from Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

All under the command of the rear admiral (US Navy) Michael S. Sciretta, commander of the second permanent naval group of NATO (Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 – SNMG 2).

The Navy will take part in the exercise with the ASW version of the frigate Carlo Margottini (F592), the frigate Carabiniere (F593), two submarines and two helicopters based at Helicopter station of Catania.

Furthermore, Italy as host nation will provide logistical support for the naval base in Augusta and the Sigonella air base in Catania.