Inter-division training

(To Marina Militare)

From 6 to 8 February, in the waters of the Ionian Sea, an "inter-division training" took place, organized and conducted by the commander of the second naval division and tactical commander of theOperation Safe Mediterranean, division admiral Giacinto Sciandra.

There were three days of intense and tight naval exercises which involved the assets of the first naval division (with Nave Margottini) and second naval division (with Nave Cavour of the Ship De La Penne) and which also saw the participation of the submarine Todaro and fixed-wing (F-35B) and rotary (NH-90) aircraft.

The units trained in the conduct of the main forms of combat, in hot shooting with artillery systems, in the execution of complex kinematic maneuvers, in the use of the new system Tactical Data Link 22, in communications with flashes of light and flags, in procedural exercises on conventional channels and in serial damage control exercises under the supervision of the instructors of the air-naval training center embarked for the occasion.

During the activities, the offshore patrol boats also joined the naval group Commander Foscari e Cassiopeia of the Fourth Naval Division, at sea as part of the 301stanaval command school, for an intense session of close kinematic maneuvers, on single and multiple lines, aimed at increasing the seafaring skills of both the young officers on watch on the bridge and those who are preparing to become for the first time commanders.

This exercise not only allowed the units to increase the level of readiness and training but, due to the heterogeneity of the structures involved, it also guaranteed an important transfer of experiences and a comparison between departments in possession of precious and varied professional backgrounds .