80th anniversary of the sinking of the battleship Rome: "9 September 1943, never stop remembering the numerous fallen sailors"

(To Staff)

“It was September 9th 80 years ago” recalls the Undersecretary of State for Defense Matteo Perego of Cremnago “when the Battleship Roma was sunk by a German plane north of Sardinia, 1393 sailors lost their lives on the flagship of those times which now lies 1200 meters deep”.

“On today's flagship, Nave Cavour, we remembered the tragic event in the waters of the Gulf of Asinara” continues Perego “with the President of the Republic, Minister Crosetto and the political and military institutions, giving a significant signal, that of not forgetting!”

“The figure of Gustavo Bellazzini” concludes the undersecretary “veteran who survived the sinking, who I had the honor of meeting last June 9th in La Spezia during the celebrations of the Day of Our Navy, with his statements and clear emotions he moved me further, The Navy is a great Crew, forget no one, leave no one behind!”.