70th anniversary of the establishment of the command in chief of the naval team of the Navy

(To Marina Militare)

With ships, submarines, amphibians, airplanes and helicopters, over 16.000 soldiers and about 1.300 civilians as crew, the naval team's command in chief is the top of the operational pillar of the Navy and today celebrates its first 70 years since its establishment.

Born on January 15, 1952, he inherited his functions from the command of the naval forces (formed on December 9, 1940) which in turn descended from the command of thenaval army (26 August 1914).

Cincnav is the operational arm of the Navy for the preparation, training and conduct of maritime forces and has its headquarters in the Santa Rosa estate, on the northern outskirts of Rome, in the same place where, during the Second World War, was the headquarters of the transmission center of the operational command of the Navy, universally known as Supermarina.

In command of the naval team since last December there is the team admiral Aurelio De Carolis on whom the naval units, the operational commands that group them and the assigned operational forces departments depend. 

"Above and below the seas, inside and outside the Mediterranean, in our bases and alongside the staff of the sister armed forces, in the operating theaters outside the area, wherever called to operate, the Naval Squad always gives its best: by sea, sky and land, including the contribution that the Navy provides to space and cyber defense activities, according to a modern multi-domain approach " thus Admiral De Carolis outlines the role of the naval team.

There are also many activities that the assets of Cincnav carry out in collaboration with other departments, such as the surveillance of the pollution of the marine environment, the contribution to the research and protection of submerged archaeological assets, participation in the forest fire prevention campaign; support for search and rescue operations at sea and rescue operations for natural disasters.