157 VFP1 swear allegiance to the Italian Republic

(To Marina Militare)

Last January 19, in the Piazza d'Armi of the Officers' School of Taranto, have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic 157 volunteers on a pre-established annual basis (VFP1) belonging to the eighth course 2022, of which 123 from the maritime military crew corps and 34 from the harbor master's corps.

Once again the Training Institute has returned to welcome family members and friends of the volunteers who have arrived from all over Italy who, visibly excited, have witnessed the traditional rite of the oath, which effectively sealed the official entry of the young volunteers into the Armed Force.

"Despite the initial difficulties of settling in, thanks to the professionalism of the supervisors and the support of my classmates I finally realized my great dream, to become a sailor. I feel ready to get involved and serve my country with honor." So the com. 2nd cl. m/sdi cna Martina Impellizzeri at the end of the ceremony, who added: "…I hope to embark on a larger vessel…I can't wait to serve my country at sea!"

The oath was the final act of the basic course for volunteers. A professionalizing path that has alternated the development of educational programs with activities dedicated to ethical-military training, passing through education on the subject of "safety in the workplace", swimming and rowing activities, formal training and 'closed order.

At the end of the course, 37 sailors and 14 port helmsmen will reach their first destination on board the units of the naval squadron and in the commands of the port authorities, while the remaining volunteers will begin a short period of specialist training at the Non-commissioned schools of Taranto and La Maddalena.