137 Sailors have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic

(To Marina Militare)

Do you swear it? I swear!!!

After more than two and a half years, the majestic scream of the VFP1 students of Mariscuola La Maddalena echoed in the frame of Piazza Umberto I, which the Maddalenini - as further evidence of the indissoluble union of the Isolana population with our Armed Force - call "Piazza Comando ”, Because it is dominated at its extremity by the historic Admiralty Building.

137, 91 men and 46 women, responded to the reading of the ritual formula by the commander of the school, captain Mauro Panarello.

The 137 students of the VFP 1 course reached the Officers' School last May 23, for which the solemn oath was the final and most emotionally significant act of the basic training course.

As mentioned, it was the first external ceremony since October 2019, following the long period of restrictions and limitations resulting from the pandemic.

Under the command of cf Mauro Colizzi, director of the courses, the pupils brigade left the institute at 11, to cover the journey of about one km towards the square at a marching pace, preceded by the Fanfare of the Naval Academy of Livorno, and divided into three sworn companies, respectively led by the cc Francesco D'Istria, commander of the course, by the tv Pierclaudio Moscogiuri and by the stv Evelina Strazzullo, with the company of honor composed of VFP4 students, under the orders of cf Andrea Dalmazzone.

With a training maneuver, the pupils brigade made its entrance into Piazza Umberto I, crowded with an enthusiastic crowd, with the presence of numerous tourists together with the local population, who embraced our soldiers in an ideal embrace.

Numerous civil, religious and military authorities were present on the site, together with the families of the students.

The address by commander Panarello preceded the reading of the formula, with the scream of the 137 students followed by the hymn of Mameli, sung out loud by the same, and followed by the thunderous applause of the square, more and more involved by the event, illuminated by a radiant sun on an absolutely calm windy morning.

The mayor of La Maddalena, Fabio Lai, and the commander of the Schools, team admiral Antonio Natale then addressed the students with short but significant speeches.

At the end of the ceremony, the outflow of the students took place, with a retreat on the waterfront and the return to the Institute.

With the heart still full of intense emotions, and with the prospect of a career that has just begun, and that for everyone it is hoped will be full of satisfactions, as is in their expectations.

At the end of the basic training course, most of the students, all of them harbor helmsmen, will reach the service destination, while the rate of NP / Sdi and NP / Mcm will remain at the School to follow the professional courses concerning, respectively, the defense of installations and canteen services.