Friday 3 May at 21.00 pm "Unquestionable defence: let's meet the representatives of the Army"


"Following the publication in the Official Gazette of the decree of the Minister for Public Administration, Paolo Zangrillo, in agreement with the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto and that of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti, with which the Professional Associations of a Trade Union nature between Military (APCSM) become concretely operational and representative of the personnel of the Armed Forces, of the Carabinieri and of the Guardia di Finanza, the Chief of Staff of the Army, Army Corps General Carmine Masiello, expresses the sincere gratitude of the men and of the women in uniform to those who, in recent years, have provided a valuable contribution to the Institution, in the context of the Military Representation, with continuous and constructive work.​​​​​

On behalf of all Italian Army personnel, wishes good work to the Professional Associations of a Trade Union nature among the Military who, in compliance with the Constitutional principles of democracy, transparency and neutrality of the Armed Forces, will operate to protect the collective interests of all soldiers.​​​​​" (EMS communication of 7 April 2024)

Reflecting (the unexpected) "institutional enthusiasm" - as per tradition - this newspaper can only conform to the thoughts of the political and military leaders of the National Defence...

Friday 3 May at 21.00pm we therefore meet the (new) representations ofItalian army: ITAMIL, SIAMO EI, ASPMI, LRM, USMIA, SAM.

See you there!